Peatbogs Co. Kerry Ireland
 Danú Ishka Peat Products


Full Body Bath


1.  Allow a couple of hours without distraction so that you will derive most benefit from this therapeutic experience.

2.  Drink plenty of water beforehand.

3.  Remove the plastic cover and place the peat bag in a warm bath. You will need to manipulate the bag with your fingers to extract all the peat.

4.  Some will have a tolerance for warmer baths than others but about 20 minutes in 40 degrees would be ideal.

5.  Rinse off with warm water afterwards.

6.  Wrap up well in some old cotton clothes to keep warm.

7.  Relax in bed for half an hour or more without distractions. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.


Peat 'Ur Feet


1.  Rub peat all over feet

2.  Relax for 20 minutes

3.  Bathe feet in warm water while removing all of the peat

4.  Remove/scrape all dead skin from soles of feet​

5.  Rub some moisturizer unto your feet.      

Repeat treatment as required.